February 9, 2020

The post-birth period can be challenging physically, and emotionally.

There are simply not enough conversations about what happens after birth -  the changes the body goes through, the messy hair and messy mind, postpartum bleeding, the painful process of figuring out b...

January 6, 2020

The brain is pretty amazing when you think about it. It has over 100 billion neurons that are capable of transferring information at an incredible speed! Our brains are also very complex with lots of different parts doing all sorts of important jobs.

  • The left side o...

January 9, 2018

If you haven't already guessed by now, Chiropractors like myself and Dr Caitlin are HUGELY passionate about helping babies and kids.

Having the opportunity to lay our hands on one of the most pure and innocent beings on the planet is truly one of the most rewarding thi...

May 9, 2017

In the last week, two first time Mum's, who are very new to our Organic Chiropractic care, asked me if they should carry on with their Chiropractic care during pregnancy.

Our answer is a really clear and unquestionable 'YES' but then we realised that most women don...

May 2, 2017

Raise your hand if conceiving a child is wayyyyy harder than you thought it would be.

You're supposed to just stop with the contraception, up the amount of sex you have and WHAM! You're pregnant right?! Or maybe not...

Unexplained infertility is more common than you thin...

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March 15, 2020

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