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Does your child's constant crying, fevers and coughs keep you up all night with worry? 

Is your pregnancy unexpectedly tough or very uncomfortable and making you worried about what birth will be like?

Are headaches, back pain or low energy causing you to struggle to keep up with your busy lifestyle?

We get it. Life is busy and sometimes it's overwhelming with decisions about what to do. Especially more so when you're raising a family.

It's a mad dash to work, for the school run, to tuition classes and playdates.​

But you continue to battle through...

Your headaches and back pain can make you grumpy, your child’s frequent coughs and flu's impact your job. Your pregnancy limits your ability to be as active and sleep as well as before. But the worst part...

Not being able to find a solution to yours or your child's health problems that don't involve medicine.

You've Tried Other things...

You may have developed home remedies, habits or exercises that have offered temporary relief and make you feel like there’s hope...

But deep down you know that you haven't truly hacked the solution to yours or your kids’ health struggles.

You want to be proactive and learn strategies that develop healthy habits to make you and your family stronger, healthier and so much happier.

You know you want to take a different approach but you don't know exactly what that is.​ And you've heard of Chiropractic, you may have even tried it before, but maybe it's time to try a different type of Chiropractic.

You want a unique approach...

We're not like traditional Chiropractors.

We don't just take away a symptom and tell you to come back when you or your child has another symptom that puts all of your families lives on hold again.

At Organic Family Chiropractic we work with the body to discover CORE ISSUES that are limiting the way yours or your child's body can work to heal and function normally. 

Our first step is to establish YOUR goals.

Do you simply need a strategy that permanently reduces your pain? Do you want to be more present with your family without sickness?

Do you want your kids to have more frequent deeper and longer sleeps, stronger immune systems and regular bowel movements?

Do you want an empowered, natural birth? Do you want a comfortable and enjoyable pregnancy?

What is it YOU want help with?

Welcoming you into our practice involves a variety of questions and tests to really find out the core issues that need to be addressed.


Once we understand exactly what we are dealing with we can​ tailor a programme of care specific to your goals and design a pathway that will get you there within a time frame that you decide upon. 

You may not feel like it right now, but you are in control of you and your family’s health for now, and for in the future.

With our help and guidance, we can get you back in the drivers seat and back on your journey to becoming a healthy, happy and THRIVING family.

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Can We Help Your family?

Our Tribe of chiropractors

Dr Kylie Foster (DC)

Clinical director

pregnancy and paediatric associate 

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DR Clara White (DC)

pregnancy & paediatric associate

dr angelika knopp (dc)

pregnancy and paediatric associate 

Dr Radiah Binte Mohamad (dc)

Chiropractic intern

for appointments:

Call/ SMS: +65 8112 3644

Email: hello@organicfamilychiropractic.com

Opening Hours:

Monday, Tuesday and Friday: 3pm- 7:30pm

Wednesday and Thursday: 8am- 12:30pm and 3pm- 7:30pm

Saturday: 9am- 2pm

Find US:

360A Joo Chiat Road 



Parking: Opposite open-air public car park

Near by Buses: 10, 10e, 12, 14, 14e, 16, 32, 40